Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rape is not murder, its massacre.

Inspired by the below video

I used to be religious, not today
I thought that He would protect me from ill
what could have I done to inflict this fate
my final prayer that I would die was refused!

I would always remember the dark dirty floor
Shred pieces of my torn clothes scattered
the hand that covered my scream into a whimper
my life snatched away from me with a smirk.

I could see his lustful eyes over me
as I lay naked, my lips tainted by his kiss
docile, in tears, in blood, in pain,
he dint rape me, he killed me, my family, my friends.

Rape is not murder, its massacre.

This is also my entrant for this weeks Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, February 22, 2015

and we re wrote ICC world cup history with SA..

 the image is taken from the following web page -link

colors, sprayed along the canvas of the sky
tune of the crackers reverberating in my ears
the clouds of smoke camouflage the world,
its a well deserved victory, I say!

Note: India faced one of the strong contenders for the World Cup title, South Africa, at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne on Sunday 22nd February 2015. This high octane face-off between India and South Africa has happened in three earlier versions of ICC World Cup we've never won. This time, we just re wrote the history!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Location: Chandranagar Colony, Palakkad, Kerala, India
the image is taken from the following web page -  link

two little birds, 
fluttering their wings
chirped the songs of love 
to the morning sun!

touching their beaks, 
feeling the warmth
flies across the golden beams
to a land not seen!

singing all way, 
they crossed the grays of sky
yellow marshes
and sky blue ponds.

just before the sunset,
they reached the golden fields
where the shadow of mountain
lies in deep tranquility

beyond the corn field,
an old tree faced the world.
the lights from down town homes
gave the wood a heavenly glow.

on the top most branch they sat
their eyes sparkling in the night
the world looked peaceful, 
like a paradise should be!

in the midst of all rush
some day is where you'd find me
their feathers touched with love
in each other comfort they slept!