Friday, December 9, 2022

a treasure, a friend


sometimes miracle do happen

when no one will ever imagine.

broken, not ready to heal, 

glad you still tried to mend.

you help the road seem straighter

each day, the sunshine seem brighter

life lessons that flares my sipirt

time with you, gives me peace.

the little things in life,

conversations, an apple tea

it all seems so precious

it all seems right with you.

the best people come unforeseen!

i wonder if you are aware

of the positive vibes youve sprouted

forever and always, without any doubt.

my comfort companion, a safe shelter

a jewel worth a fortune!

filled with warmth and affection 

being with you, heals me!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022



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the fumes from the incense sticks
camouflage the anguished air
music and prayers are meant to cure
but how does one heal, from within?

at times the darkness engulfs
anger mine the buried memories
the silhouette of togetherness
withered into the sunken past!

no warmth in sight, no hug to melt
as thoughts gnawing my mind
just silence and shadows
where love used to bloom!

you have to open yourself up to getting hurt again, if you ever want to heal

Sunday, November 13, 2022



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if only words could extol your virtue  
a treasure, protected in my heart!
and 'us', a bond that weathers  
the test of time and persevers

time will weave memories for us
in laughs, tears and long walks.
healing the hearts, we'll grow
reassuring in the darkest of nights!

when the day is hard on you
be assured, you aint alone
keep me in the midst of your mind
close your eyes and i'll be there.