Sunday, December 5, 2021



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നിൻ നിശ്വാസമിന്നെൻ മനസ്സിൽ പ്രണയം വിടർത്തി

പ്രണയം നിൻ മിഴികളിൽ കവിത രചിച്ചു 

കവിതയീ ലോകത്തിലിളം കാറ്റായി ഒഴുകി 

ഇളം കാറ്റിലെൻ മനം നിൻ നിശ്വാസം തേടി

Wednesday, August 25, 2021



Its funny how relationships add up..

the one you seek doesnt seek you
you dont seek the one who seeks you..
you dont seem to notice the eyes on you 
yet the eyes looking away gets all attention
you loose the one yearning to hear you,
spending time with the one who doesnt notice you!

its funny how relationships add up.. 

eyes dont seem to see the obvious
mind dont seem to sense the evident
resentful is how we feel
how do we make ourselves content?

Monday, April 12, 2021

Madness. Love.


I hate to invade your thoughts

muddled, mystified by my emotions

but i wish to leave a sign

a warm inscription of love.

Together in our dream

I long for a retake..

when our hugs meant the world

The smoke around us 

building our walls stronger.

The feelings never give or take

but from within..

worthiness is just a perception

beautiful imaginations implored

Smiles summon memories

the deep impression of want..

thirst for the lost relationship

lifeless eyes, yearning for that kiss.

scared to acknowledge

disregarding the obvious!

An illusion or not,

falling in and out of memories

with the forgotten ghosts of past

It stands out, when its quiet

Alone, pulling out to the world i invent

breathing my lament, no one to judge..

I miss the warmth of your skin,

the kiss that was never given.

the stories we’ve never shared

the long roads we never took.

I could look into your eyes and dream

sleep is just a feeling, 

wrapped in the comfort of your hug.

Every time i express my love

the insane fear of loosing you sinks in

The sensation cant be relived,

But in that pain, you are engraved.