Monday, March 13, 2023

midnight musings


memories are all you have left
cues to the growing distance between us
hope in my heart, i smile again
but how do i mend this broken trust? 

your voice still touch my heart
the smile on that face
brightens up the faded times
thoughts of times i wish i could relive
fills my soul with a smile so bright!
i wish it's a bad dream and i wake up now
but how do i mend this broken trust? 

maybe it was a mirage
we never existed the way i perceived
maybe you are hiding an ocean from me
for reasons you believe is best for all.
i wish i could hug you one more time
but how do i mend this broken trust? 

Saturday, March 11, 2023


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deluge of emotions, I cannot contain

endlessly searching for peace within

every drop of tear, a testament to loss

perplexed by the world's fickle nature

tangled up in feelings that won't untie

holding on to memories fading away

insecure, I struggle to trust again!

an endless battle, or so it seems

nowhere to go but forward

gnawing thoughts, linger like a ghost

aching for comfort that never stayed

deep wounds, consumes my soul

i have to keep pace, until I see light.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

forever 🧚‍♀️

drowning the world in your charm, so dear,

enchanted by your every move

enduring love that will never fade

perfection, beyond compare.

the moments we shared, precious and real

healing words, of comforting togetherness

illuminating hope, rejoicing the soul.

as I gaze upon your face

nestled in our friendship, forever

gentle memories of joy, I hold

ardent emotions, I can't erase.

deep in our hearts, may we remain

in love, captivated by our trust!