Thursday, September 23, 2010

Honda - my new love!

Finally the new love of my life has arrived! She made me wait for  12 days before I could have a glimpse of her. Better late than never. I am so much in love with her :) All of a sudden Bangalore roads seem better!

She is Pearl Nightstar Black. The booking experience was nice. I booked her from Saphire Honda, Jayanagar, Bangalore on 8th of September. The expected date of delivery was 28th. I got a call on 21st informing me that my beauty has arrived :) After a night shift, "tired and sleepy" was the last thought I had. The urge to see her landed me on the showroom 20 mins after I got the call :) The paper works were done in an hour and the wait began. 

She was at the godown, dressing up! I saw her at 1.30 in the afternoon, and boy, it was love at first sight! I took her home, gave her food and took her for a small ride in the city. I guess she loved Bangalore as much as I do! I got her name [read as registration number] that evening. Her birth certificate [read as registration smart card] is yet to come.

Specs time:

Weight/ Measurements:

Kerb weight: 138 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 12 litre
Wight: 754mm
Length: 2073 mm
Height: 1085 mm
Ground clearance: 162 mm
Wheelbase: 1328mm


Chasis: Advanced Design Dimond Frame
Tyre type: Tubeless
Front suspension: Telescopic fork
Rear suspension: Mono suspension 3 step adj
Rear tyre: 110/80 17- M/C 57P
Front: 80/100 17-M/C 46P
Rear Brake tyre: Disc 220 mm dia
Front Brake tyre: Disc 240 mm dia

Engine & Transmission:

Transmission: Constant Mesh, 5 speed gear
Gear shift pattern: 1 Down- 4up
Engine: Air cooled, 4 Stroke, SI endine
Torque: 1.3kg@ 6500 rpm
Displacement: 149.1
Net Power: 14 bhp@ 8500 rpm
Air filter: viscous paper filter
Carbuerator/ fuel injection: Carb
Starting system: self


Chain case: Half
Mileage: 60
Lgnition: Digital CDI (Multi Mapping)
Headlamp: Halogen 12V 35/35 W
Battery: 12V-4AH Maintenance Free
Inst panel: Digital

She has 17 inch alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, five speed transmission, digital instrumentation, and rear disc brake.She has shed 8kg from her prototype[read as unicorn] and looks sleek and sexy! The riding position is more comfortable compared to its competitiors on the same segment. Gear shifting is a breeze and power is commentable. But due to the super soft gear i sometimes put it in neutral from first while taking off. Have to get used to it :) You cannot make out if the engine is running at lesser RPM, its so silent! The monoshock suspension could be adjusted to 3 modes - hard, medium and soft. Couldnt share much of a long riding experience since I just covered 50+ km and she is just one day old.I guess, for the money you pay - she is worth the buy. But if you are some one who says "how about some goodies, what are you giving for free?", then be ready to hear this from the dealers "This is Honda sir, nothing is free here" :) you got to buy all the accessories. How ever i wouldnt recommend the extended warranties that the shop keepers offer. The warranty stands void if you dont service the bike from the honda svc during the waranty period [read as 5 years] :P

So wear your riding gear and befriend the road. Happy riding! :)