Friday, May 20, 2011

a bridge to hope

photograph courtesy: Khushboo Pandia

its been almost five months that Ive blogged. It's pure lack of inspiration or blame it on my mechanical life which refuses to see inspirations. Today, I felt a need to communicate to a friend. What better way than my blog :) Ive tried to play with numbers here. The note consists of ten stanzas starting with a stanza of 10 lines and ending with one with a single line.Hope you like it :)

to breathe was an effort
my lungs bled in strain
twines held my hands in place
depriving the freedom it pleads
the room was dark, as dark as death
or so my blindfold sang
i quenched my thirst, with wine red blood
which oozed out of my soul
in pain, in fear, I found retreat
wrapped my anxiety with a smile

memories - i talk to them till i bleed again
the pain, the blood, the helplessness -
is fate, they convince me
I laughed and cried, I loved my world
the darkness shielded me from truth
you talked to me, spent days with me
yet lived in a world apart
you heard me laugh, thought i was blessed
but failed to see my tears

then he came, broke my shield
took me to his world so bright
my eyes bled, not in strain
in fear of facing the sun
the twines were gone, the blindfold too
he held me facing this bridge
the wind was mild and smelled of rose
his breathe had a rhythm divine.

i held his arm, looked below
for the heat was burning my eyes!
golden yellow leaves veiled my scars.
the butterflies smiled, 
bees sang a song in my ears
the road was wet, so was trees
did the sky weep for me?

the birds put me in a trance
the lake took away my past
the dying woods healed my anguish
rays of the sun were now soothing
warming me from the chill of darkness within
i felt the beauty of my heartbeats!

'this is the bridge to hope', he said
waking me from my thoughts
'walk through this and you'll be fine,
your faith shall show you way'
his voice faded away.

my trembling legs took a step
the wood responded with a screech
I held the rail, another step
and I felt the joy of a smile

he was true, my world has changed
the steps i took with him,
its beautiful; i love my life for sure!

a few steps back, darkness ruled
now its bright and warm and gay!

be with me; open your eyes my friend!

at times all you need is a little trust, self respect and confidence on your decisions. It's easy to see the beauty of the world, you just have to open your eyes :)