Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the butterfly story

through the mist, a colored hue
flickered at a whim, she flutter her wings
stripes and colors brightening her day
she wakes the flower with a kiss on his cheeks!

tender and fragile, she touches the petals
he sways at her music, dancing in the breeze!
vibrant orange rimmed her wings
orchid dark purple rings.

she sang and danced to his favorite tune
enjoying the breeze against her wings
and as he closes his eyes, poised
sinking in the love, she flies!

for this life is too short to stay
counted in moments, it has its pace
fluttering her wings she has to leave
across the horizon, where her heart is calm!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

just like that

SP showed their metal in UP polls!!

today is celebration time in Lucknow. I am not a die heart supporter of SP, but I genuinely wish I was in Lucknow today!

I wish i was part of the celebration that's going to happen In Lucknow today!