Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Awards '09

Last year the same time I gave away my first blog awards “blog award ‘08”. This occasion is special to me since these awards are designed and customized for COLORS. Before we go on with the name of the winners, let me give you all a quick introduction – We have 5 awards here. Since its not a token of love or friendship, I would not be giving these awards to each and every one I know. Each award would be won only by 2 bloggers which makes the total number of winners 10. Ten out of two hundred plus bloggers whom I read, tough choice! Its been tough indeed. I've been reviewing blogs for more than a month now. Blogs Ville expands exponentially and we meet new people every single minute. However, for this award, I have not considered any one whom I met after September. So with that, let’s start.

Kajal , Meera
Kajal : Kajal is one person I adore the most in this not-so-conscious world where joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced and shared. Its a world of fascination for sure, a place where you captivate others with the charm of your words. That's exactly what she did to me. Her blog - The Mush Factor is one which tops my list of blogs any day. Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore. However I have the honor of reading the posts in her old blogs - "The Mush Factor" and "The Pink Orchid", all thanks to Google Reader. So allow me to start this award session by giving my most fav award to my most favorite blogger. Kajal, you deserve much more. Congratz for this :)
Meera : Meera, the one blogger who definitely deserve this award! Almost all of you who reads me know that Meera, of all, deserve the "stay away or get addicted" award from me! :) I did not stay away from her blog and I got addicted. So much of addiction that I had to talk to my parents about her. Now all I want is some addiction from her parents towards me : Pray for us.

Illeen , Lena
Illeen : Illeen is a blogger who I believe is a business student [don't file a case against me if she is not]. Her posts on love, the stories she wrote and the ones tagged under "just like that" sure makes this space interesting enough to grab this award! Read her and you would know why she became my first pick for this award. One of my favs : Ruthless and Cynical . Illeen, I really love to be on your page. Kindly accept this token of love and honor.
Lena : The Colors Magazine, the most colorful blog/site I have come across. Vivid layout, strikingly beautiful content, diverse topics, Lena - you sure have a treasure out there. The Love ramblings and the fun weekends make this page irresistible. Lena, I am sure you realize how much I love your space. Congratz sweets.
Vinay , Netika
Vinay : My Award list would go incomplete without mentioning about "Figments of Imagination". This blog, maintained by the one who call himself Leo, has always impressed me. The way he chooses his words and the way he uses it is commendable. The blog design, layout and presentation looks professional. If this guy writes a book, I sure would have a copy of it. Congrats for this token of honor Vinay.
Netika : Netika is a sweet 20 year old girl whose words on life/philosophy might suggest you that she is much older! I couldn't have selected another name for this award and you would realize that once you read her posts tagged "observations" and "realizations". I am happy I met you here sweets, Congrats for earning this token of honor.
Maheep , Dhanya
Maheep : Any one who thinks they are in deep shit and the most messed up state one can ever be in, please make a visit to "Wobble Bubble". You would see how life acts cruel to a manager and how he tackles it all :) Maheep, you write the most purest phases of life with such an ease that I fell in love with your blog! Where ever I am, what ever state of mind shadows me, one visit to your space and I would be all smiles! You really have made my day on many occasions. Congrats bro.
Dhanya : Dhanya, I guess her blog "My Own Little World" deserves almost all awards here! She is one person I always look forward to talk to. Though we haven't talked much, her name has an effect on me. Maybe there is something in the way she write, but the very mention of her name brightens me. One day I would have the honor of meeting her in person, even if that day never comes - dhannu, know that you are special and i really don't know why.
Pooja , Juhi
Pooja : "A Poetess' Paradise" is the most beautiful blog i have ever seen, all credits to its content. Pooja write poems, and beautiful ones. I don't see any other candidate deserving this award which i present with utmost respect. Pooja, you deserve this and much more. Congratz.
Juhi : "Life through my eyes" is another blog which impressed me a lot. Juhi is only 14! can you believe this? @ 14 she writes such amazing poetry! During my school days I din even knew that there existed something called blog. Juhi, I respect your talent, I respect your enthusiasm and I am happy to have met you over here. Congratz sweets.

Congrats to all the winners.

Note: Kindly refrain from re-using these awards/pictures. These awards are only for the people mentioned here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

update - location : bangalore

party time after so looong a time. so guys, i reached Bangalore today morning. the journey was ummmppppp baaaad! i booked for a train ticket two months back and guess what - i missed the train! reason? the MMTS - the intra city electric train service was late by 50 minutes!! i reached Kachiguda station [starting point of bangalore express] 10 minutes after the train's departure!! good start right?? so what did i do? i came by bus! thanks to KSRTC, i got a seat. it was hard to hold the urge of veins to stretch for almost 11 hours, but i did it!! wow!!

spent the day with my sis and her family. my stomach is acting weird, it looks like a blown McDonald's balloon - its the food i had last night, i know it :( i went to TGIF [Thank God It's Friday - for first timers] in the evening. it was good. loud music, cocktails, good looking girls [ i know i am gonna get bashed up for writing this, but i guess M would forgive :) ]. Beer, Margarita and Beef streaks - it was a good evening. the place was crowdy - pleasant faces with a polished attitude. i like guys and girls who has an attitude but the ones who fake it - jeez, god save them.

i have nothing against freedom of girls or the way they express their fashion desires. in fact there were a lot of girls who were quite good looking and were fashion statements. But many of the eyes were fixed at this one girl who came draped in a conservative white salwar. why? not for the dress of course.she came with six guys, was completely drunk. not a reason for seeking attention i know. ok, now how would it look if the guys start clicking pictures of this girl kissing each of this six guys in different angles. how would it be? girls, eitr go out with guys who shows some respect to you or don't drink till you loose your senses. i really don't write such sensitive issues out here in my blog, but this time - i felt sad. this girl, how ever she is - had a very innocent smile. i would be here for three more days. lets see how Bangalore treat me in these days :) Good day to all you guys.