Friday, October 28, 2022

will letting go liberate us?


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when uncertainty abounds

and our heart refuses to let go;

taking a leap of faith

is the last thing we are prepared for.

what we hold on to so tightly

is what will liberate us, they say

its a fight, clinging on to what we see

through the reflections of a stained glass!

time is like season, they say

it withers, then heals and bloom again.

wonder how it feels to wait and bloom,

knowing that we have to wither again.

exhausting as it is,

the smile will never fade

the memories are here to stay

engraved with blistering pain.

our mind have a silly tune to it!

it justifies what we feel is right.

we will see darker times

let our love be strong enough

to hold our thoughts together

expectations, uncertainties and fear

let them not drain us down again!

stand up for the love you share,

for, let there be no more heart aches.