Sunday, September 18, 2011

Na Tomatina for Bengaluru

Karnataka Chief Minister D V Sadananda Gowda has ordered cancellation of ‘La Tomatina’ fest scheduled to be organized at Bangalore Palace Grounds on September 18 and also at Mysore. There is a huge cry on this in social media with people debating for and against the fest.

I am sad that this fest stays cancelled. 

Its not because I cant throw tomatoes; throwing tomatoes is still not banned in India! There would always be a chunk of senseless people forming a group against anything that's happening, regardless of its impact - that's politics. But then, the educated youth? At least they should have the sense of understanding the effects and implications before crying out loud. 

Yes, I agree that we are talking about wastage of Tomatoes (for the sake of a debate, lets forget the fact that the event was using tomatoes which were not edible).Alright, so all you humanitarians gather and cry peace. Help the poor, feed them and stop wastage. Noble indeed! The event stay cancelled. Now what? How many do I see feeding the poor? How many of you noble souls fed 1 poor today? I would really love to know.

The event stay cancelled. All the farmers who were expecting huge profits by selling off tons of market rejected tomatoes would not get the money promised. The tomatoes would still go waste, not in palace grounds though. Victory for the poor! In a country where food grain is stored by the government only to be disposed off as waste, at least tomatoes had to be saved. For those noble souls who doesn't read the news completely (as rightly suggested by my friend, Mr.Blunt) and react by reading only headlines - food wasted in FCI godowns in the last few years could have fed 2500 lakh + families for 10 years or more.Now do your best, google it and please read it completely this time.

I appeal to the representatives of Kolar district tomato growers, the few environmentalists and the NGOs who called on the Chief Minister in Bangalore on Friday to request cancellation of the La Tomatina festival to please distribute 60,000 kg tomatoes (the expected wastage as suggested by Jayanagar BJP ML B N Vijayakumar) among the poor and prove the passion and dedication they have towards their fellow beings. You owe at least that much to the farmers and the poor!

My sincere sympathy to the organizing committee of the fest and to all like minded souls in and around Bengaluru.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green-O-Con(test) – Week 2

entwined is our life, like this path - parting ways in hope of meeting again!

Camera: Canon Powershot SX 125 IS
Location: Malampuzha, Palakkad District, Kerala.


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab IndiBlogger Meet #galaxytab750

-> the poem is an acrostic <-

sailing through the crowd unknown,
amazed by the energy in me
meeting friends was on the cards!
sanctity is how I feel today
unsung tales of affinity.
novus ordo mundi awaits,
gathering of bloggers, I say!

goldfinch stole the show for the day
amassing the brains behind the blogs
love for the t-shirts and tabs talked
a few hearts smiled meeting friends
xenophilics had their best time,
young minds interacting with vibrant souls!

technology beautifies our dream
arouses imagination and make us crave.
beauty as it is, the tab won my heart!

I got a chance to have a look and feel of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 at the indiblogger meet Sep, 2011 held in Bangalore. Android Honeycomb 3., multi tasking & split view support should tell you what Galaxy Tab 750 means! For some one who live a social life 24*7, this 10.1" piece of gadget is like a dream come true! 3G support, HPSA, WXGA TFT LCD, NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor are just words which would be forgotten, but the feel you get when you touch this beauty would remain! The Social and Reader hub just enriches the experience. Its like the engineers were in a good mood while designing this wonder! Its a piece made with love and happiness 'cos it shares a smile on every face who feels it.

*'novus ordo mundi' (latin) means 'new world order'. the phrase has been used here hoping that events like this would help the blogger community to unite and evolve thus giving rise to a dramatic change in the world's social thinking.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


photo courtesy: a friend 
(this poem is written from a girl's perspective)

you held me when i was low
showed me the beauty of the world 
stole colors from the rainbow
fuelled my dreams with it

the rain drops doesn't amuse me any more
bound by your love, i cant free myself
my screams went unheard in the darkness
the silence, the desolation is alarming

those mushy songs which kills me now
filled me with you when my days were green
your heartbeats made me feel secure
when i got suffocated within my walls

you held my hands, made me yours
promised to share your surname
what do i call myself today?
i forgot that i too had a name!

this smoke filled room reminds me of you
smothering, tears blurring my vision.
the smell of whiskey still lingers
the unfinished bottle thrown casually

with every passing day my life unfolds
my friends help me regain the trust
i loved you and i still do
but you went off when i told you not to

i pity you if you feel you've won over me
the wounds have only made me stronger
i would rise like a phoenix and i would stand
i trust my love, myself. i breathe.