Saturday, March 6, 2021

Caged, Not anymore!


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The more i strive to be with you

The more my heart breaks

I made a wreck of my nose

I hit it with my phone..

the anger, the anguish, 

the misery of neglect..

Shivering, I cry shades of innuendoes

tears washing myself, away from me.

There was a time, not so long ago

a newborn had cried, scared of her surroundings.

A man held her with a certain strength

confused, but convinced that his girl was special!

I was shaken by a dream, Dad

shivering in agony, i wiped my sweat

I saw you slip in the darkness of the night

projecting the reflections of my own inceptions.

I felt a hand on by shoulder, a concerned sound

Can you blame me for being attracted

to someone who remind me of you, Dad?

I feel like a bird with a broken wing

ugly, unable to hold myself or fly

I feel trapped, reluctant to move

the fear that I'll fall, gripping my veins

I hide my truth, put up a brave face

but world, know that I die. day and again.

Today I met someone who held me tight

let me re-discover, forgive my fear

I realise I am scared, tired and alone

I realise I miss you and will always do.

I wont hold myself from the thought anymore, 

instead I'll clasp it tight and let myself grieve

I'll struggle, but i'll not fall! I promise

I'll stop letting my life slip away!