Thursday, January 6, 2011


a time to forget whats gone by
to relish the presence and look forward
when few drops of whiskey take your nerves,
last thing to happen was to loose your morale!

fireworks depicting art in the sky
cheers and cries ringing in my ears
cameras flashing, strangers hugging
when the world uttered one loud phrase

a perfect beginning is what i wished
a new year with happiness all around!

but alas! you had a different reel in hand
a crowd hungry for the heat of fantasy
when all around prayed for a better tomorrow
some, in the crowd, prayed for some mercy!

a mob, u feel, is your strength
pity on your manhood and self respect
she might be divorced, widowed or alone; but
she is a woman, not a toy of pleasure!

those few seconds changed my prayers
a perfect beginning is what i wish
a new year with happiness all around
where men of honor make me proud!

TOI Bangalore edition, on 31st December 2010 had warned all girls not to be on MG/brigade road after 5 in the evening. Despite the warning some girls did show up and the night of celebration turned ugly for them. Helpless souls could do nothing but to silently witness these girls being molested by a crowd of hooligans. Men in uniform did come for their rescue, but by that time some minds were left shaken. its still a man's world, sadly not every man act like a MAN!