Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being Real: UniverCell Bloggers' Meet, Hyderabad.

You have lived a virtual life in the real world. Ever tried having a real life in the virtual world?

Now you could tickle your wits offline! How? Irritate Renie to a level that he go down on his knee and promise to conduct a bloggers meet in your city! I attended one in Hyderabad this month and boy, it was fun! Do not get scared by the length of the post, trust me, there wont be much to read. Photos would do the talking for now and I shall think loud with some snaps :)

A small introduction to the event: Indiblogger meet happened on Sunday April 11, 2010 - 2:30 PM at Fortune Select Manohar, Hyderabad. The official page claimed 150 bloggers would come under one roof, I seriously doubted the number! I mean, Renie and his team thought that 150 bloggers would move their sorry ass on a Sunday afternoon when the outside temperature would be anywhere above 35 degrees?

I see the indiblogger team laughing at my instinct! A full house? WOW! Yes, we had a full house at the meet, bloggers from different background with different perceptions sat together in a room for three hours! In one line – “its an experience I would cherish till I attend another bloggers meet”.

This is how registration happened. A small group dressed in black greeted us at the registration counter. The first thing I noticed: The stack of t-shirts kept for distribution! I did notice the gorgeous lady at the counter. The guys who gave her company looked healthy which made me decide that staring at the t-shirts is a better option! Registration was piece of cake, you enter your email id and whoa, u r in!

This screen gave live feeds of the arrival of guests, the indiblogger tweets and blog updates. Technology! Who writes code for you? Renie, whats the hiring strategy of indiblogger? :O

Say hello to the organizers!

30 seconds of fame! Did some one keep the time? This was a treat! Some bloggers were shy, some reminded me of politicians. We had people writing about the older generation and we had people writing about new born kids! The blogger in picture is an ex googler, a hardcore techie! A few bloggers were interesting, others did shameless self promotion! So what did I get from all this? A good laugh and one realization: Blogsville is definitely a different planet! It’s like playing a game. You control your avatar, live a second life. The three hours we spent there in blood and flesh, we were real! Walking mortals of those unknown avatars. We had all out limitations. So did I miss my laptop? Maybe!

This was the show stopper! The interaction time. 

These charts were given to us along with one sketch pen each. We would have to hang these charts around our neck and go meet people! We meet people, talk, try to know them in a minute or so [experts we are, aint we?] and then? 

Comment of course!! We scribble our thoughts on their chart and they return the favor. Idea! Who is heading your creative team? [wide eyes]

More and more snaps here since this was the essence of the meet. Some one with a professional camera took a photo of a gorgeous lady signing my chart. Renie didn’t put it with the rest! Bad Renie [cries].

thats my chart!!

Yeyyy!! This was one session which I wouldn’t have missed :) Fooooood!! Hungry kya?

Quiz time!! Riyaz teased my brain! So did I know the answer for any of the questions asked? Does it really matter?, forget it :)


Nafisa, you were the one responsible for the arrangement of venue? Good work friend!

Alright, so the meet comes to an end and so does the post! Tired? Have a sip of your favorite drink and move your sorry ass to the comments page now! :) 

Cheers to all, cheers to life!

**All photos stolen from Renie's photo stream!