Saturday, March 20, 2010

random updates

i havnt been here for long now. i have no excuses to give. i wasnt that busy. it was not writer's block. i wasnt ignoring social life. it wasnt "silence mode". ter were so many things happening all of a sudden that it took time for me to realize what's happening, to sort it out and to make myself stable. so now that ive said that, here is a list of updates for all those who missed me and for all those who forgot to miss me :P

Update #1 : Would write solaris [scsa] paper soon. bought the voucher.
Update #2 : Joined MBA. its a one year course for working professionals.
Update #3 : Resigned from current job. Would soon leave the city. 
Update #4 : Would be relocating to Bangalore in 2 months. [Frenz in B'lor, wud need ur help/advice/suggestion to search for an accomodation]
Update #5 : Gona attend the Sun International Conference. Keynote Speaker: James Gosling. Excited!
Update #6 : Went for a tamil movie after long. Havnt seen Avatar yet. Wish to see LSD & The book of Eli. Reviews anyone?
Update #7 : Bloggers meet @ Hyderabad [Fortune Select Manohar] on Sunday April 11, 2010 - 2:30 PM. r u coming?

more updates soon. sorry, i havnt read ur posts. i would be doing that really soon. luv u all :)