Sunday, July 26, 2009

kidzo zone!!

i was browsing through songs for my sweet chweetu niece and then i came across this song. I so loved the song and the video that i watched it at least 10 times now :P i sure am a kid, aint i?? :P so people who haven't seen it, watch it and get on to ur kidzee shoes :D njaaaai!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kajal, I miss you

The Pink Orchid - I met her during her early days in blogs ville. Her words were deep and every time I read her I was touched. It did not take long for us to become friends. Time took us for a ride and we ended up being best friends. It's so long now that I talked to her. Her blog remains hidden/deleted. Her mailbox seems to be removed. No other contact information shared! What do I do when I miss her?

Work life seems too monotonous to enjoy. Personal life looks faded with the shadows of thoughts about career and what lies ahead. I miss my family, my love, my friends - though everyone is near, reachable! I feel lonely today or maybe that's how i want it to be.

My heart tells me that it wouldn't share its emotions with me. My pulse tells me that it would rather fake the beats even if it feels weak. My breathe would not let me know about it even if it faces any difficulty on its way. They all want me to be happy. They would fake it all, take all the pain and smile just to see me happy. Would that help? I feel lost!

What would you do when all that you say makes the distance between you and your loved ones grow? How helpless does you feel when it comes to relationships? How do you make sure that the smile you see on your loved one's face is genuine?

The world around is so unpredictable. People walk off from your life and you could just see them leave. Others stay near you and act distant. At times it all seems insane. People struggle to break free when they are tied and then long to get tied when they are free. Today, there is nothing that make me feel content. Everything I do, every word I say makes me feel frustrated. Maybe its a phase and if it is, its definitely not a lovely experience!

Kajal, I wrote this post for you. But I could not stop myself from writing about all these. So don't get carried away with what I have written. I miss you friend, and way too much. Where ever you are, have that smile on your face. May God shower all the happiness and care on you. Peace.

To the rest of the world: I am not sad. I am confused about a lot of things. I wanted to write another post. A post which tells about my love. I wanted to introduce her to you. But that would wait for now. Words look distant! I might take time but I would read all your blogs. You guys take care. I am fine and I would be back soon.

Politics: Kerala Chief Minister Comrade V S Achuthananthan dropped from Politburo after four hours lengthy Central Committee meeting. The infighting within CPI[M] has definitely made people insane or else Mr.Karat would not have taken such a decision against the most senior leader of the party. For people who don't know about VS, among the people who created the party - CPI[M], VS is the only person from kerala who is alive today. There is only one message I have for VS : Money and Parliamentary dreams have made the party leaders insane. Walk out safe before they crush you with their stupid remarks. There are millions like me who support CPI[M] for its policies and its history. Walk out to us and we shall give you the respect you deserve. You are our hero. Inquilab Zindabad.