Sunday, November 1, 2009

Words - Curse or Boon?

words, souvenirs of an angel
expression of love unbound.
smile,wink,hum a tune
it makes us pink and blush!

the more you say, the more you mess
irrevocable damage it does.
Jack pours his sense on Jill
All Jill knows is, she's wet!

the more you share, the more you smile
words are indeed the best!
of touch, of tear, succor and fear
it makes us feel subsit!

words; the devil screams -
my way of torture and pain
words - the sharpest thorn in our life
it bruises our ego and smirk!


Qns] When words uttered to us are highly contextual, why do we always take it in a way which does not mean happiness for us? Why do we always find it as a personal attack and become defensive by throwing it back? Why do we make our life a warfield? Why do we spent our entire life defending our ego? Why is it so important for us that every one around share our thought? Why do we smile relief when we WIN an argument? If you think you are wiser than the rest, wait till your grandchild prove you worng. or maybe just grow old and die so that the rest could moan and move on.