Saturday, November 19, 2011

dilli reloaded

A year back I was in Delhi and that was my first visit to the capital. Today I live her again.

There is something that connect November, Delhi and myself! I've loved this month last year and I love it this year. The chill in the morning, the crowd,cycle rickshaws, a/c marcopolos! I was in new Delhi metro station at 6:45 in the morning and there was this big queue for the security check! 6:45 in the morning! When I was in Hyderabad, 6:45 was still considered as night.

Every single soul is busy. No one even has time for a smile! Autorikshaw stand is a place where you could learn your basics of bargaining and amateurs can sharpen their skills! You might not see high rise buildings as often as you expect to see in a place like Delhi. But, do not go by the shape and size of the shop. I saw this one shop which looked like a part of a row house and I wont think twice before labeling it as a place were you would get average quality shoes : a place were you could bargain for pretty looking shoes but not branded ones - you get the tune, don't you? My friend says she checked out a sandal there and it seems that the one she saw was worth 8000! I learned not to label a shop with its looks :-) its Delhi, luxury comes at different size and package :-)

Chole Batura is one thing I don't miss eating when I am in Delhi. The best Chole I've had, I've had it from Delhi. Any one who love food should definitely visit Karims! Dilli is incomplete without visiting this paradise of food. The journey itself is such a change! The rush at chandni chauk, the rikshaws, the life - its something you should experience. I loved it! Know dilli well? More suggestions? Pour it out, I am game for food :-)

I couldn't travel much this time and I don't regret! I've had my share of happiness and excitement, more than I could ask for. If you are some one who would appreciate modern architecture, you might not want to miss Gurgaon. Especially the metro tide to Huda. The moment you enter Gurgaon, you could feel the difference. All what you see is buildings, elegant ones.

Any one who knows Delhi from soul is welcome to send me a list of places I should visit - places to see, food to experience, culture to feel.

I've experienced this south vs north fights or rather south vs Delhi fights, but if I have to associate one word with Delhi - it would be LOVE. Today I live my life, tomorrow I die again! But that would not be the end. its just the wait for life and the wait - its really exciting I tell you :)