Thursday, September 15, 2022

life, love


memories being awkward, as a flash

lately, your eyes is all i see

its a matter of perspective, yours evolving around

the relationships you've built over years

somewhere or the other, beyond a fallen wall

we built our dreams, only to fall again!

lying in the bed, crowned with the calm of peace

a touch of frost, haunted with a sense of love

your kiss echoes the essence of my smile

a touch could awake the life in me!

a hint of lust sinking into my lips

beads of sweat build on our skin.

in my arms, i hold you tight

hoping that my dreams would hold you through.

when we met, i knew it was fate,

as i look into your eyes, deep as a sea.

i'd love you forever, now and beyond

intertwined with your soul, i promise i'll not shed a tear!

Saturday, September 10, 2022



I ll watch you walk away

For the words cant heal the pain

Numbness around me

An empty version of who I was 

I ll let the puzzle unfold

Piece by piece till it shows

Torn and shattered in a box,

I wish i could make you stay!

Friday, September 2, 2022



*source: link

painting in the canvas of your skin

the gentle touch, leading to blissful art

desires, emotions and fear negotiating

wrapped in my arms, the warmth growing

lips, flavoring my lustful inclinations!