Monday, March 30, 2009

dark could signify life!

[picture courtesy : Catherine ]

the summer heat parched the clay
God on a prosaic mind!
barren land and dry wood
awaiting the drizzle of life!

sky darkened above the hills
mist engulfed the glade
clouds appeared as angels
draped in those sensuous dishabille!

dark and dreary, envisioning rain
the forest stood aspiring life!
nature's subtle way of explaining
dark could signify life!

Not every dark phase in your life is a punishment. Some makes you learn and some helps you grow. Face your life as it comes, the darker strokes could make the final picture more beautiful!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

random thoughts - confused soul!

i miss you my friend.
the cool breeze and starry night
tells me you are near!

I have a question for you all. Could you ever fall in love with your friend? [i] if Yes - What makes you believe that he/she could be part of your life? [ii] if No - What makes you believe a friend could not be your soul mate?

Monday, March 16, 2009


tears, tiny droplets of unnamed emotions
purest form of love, hatred and fear,
reflection of my mind, my inner soul
wash me from my anguish, make me pure.

love was never a game, oh unknown
my life and roles in it made it one!
the hurdles seemed so long, I endured
the mission, the changing rules, failed me win.

levels changed and so did the game
survival became the name of my aims!
alone, not lonely I played the game
memories of forgotten fuelled my life.

moving on, I knew what's on my way
yet you made me choke, oh love long gone,
you said you knew me in and out
yet failed to know my tears for you!

the game console blinked, one last message
the dire choice " Game Over. Play Again? "
tears, tiny droplets of unnamed emotions
wash me from my anguish, make me pure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

taggie :)

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about YOU. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1.] I feel like travelling by train.

2.] I love coffee.

3.] I'd prefer Devdoff to Marlboro.

4.] I listen to all kinds of music. My music folder gives equal space for Jagjit Sing and Megadeth.

5.] I got my first job when I had four backlogs in engineering. I cleared all papers before i switched jobs.

6.] I love Sony Ericsson.

7.] I am a Communist.

8.] I love my office.

9.] I am a gemini.

10.] I'd love to cook if I have company. I'd rather starve when I am alone.

11.] I hate astrologers.

12.] I feel like going on a vacation.

13.] I'd like to date a friend.

14.] I wish petrol was available free of cost.

15.] I wish to have a digital camera - preferably Canon, 8+ MP, 6x+ Optical zoom.

16.] I love authentic kerala food.

17.] I wish to visit my school with my friends.

18.] I hate milk and milk products [yes, i hate rasagulla].

19.] I dont like SRK.

20.] I want Dan Brown to write another book.

21.] I love to watch classical dance forms like Mohiniyattom and Bharathanatyam.

22.] I dont like reality shows, but I watch Roadies when I get time.

23.] I havn't seen FRIENDS and would love to watch it. So anyone who has a collection of DVDs, donate it.

24.] When I am disturbed or in deep thoughts, I'd like to be alone.

25.] I am least ashamed to cry if I am sad.

i tag Lena, Kajal, Athi, Sami, Aruna, Karmanna, Amrita, Yamini, Scrawler, Madzie, pratzi, sneha, meher, swati, dhanya, preetzi, margaret, aniket, aqua girl, renu, mithe, lsl, karthik, maheep, smriti, freya, harshita, vinnie, ria, nidzie, kirti, sandy, arunima, preetzi, riyadewdrop, juhi & saranya.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today is a very special day! Three lovely people I know were born on this day. I dedicate this post to them. Happy Birthday to my dad, my sister and my friend.

Dad, you've been my role model,
my guide, my critic.
you have taught me the ways to live,
I wish you a healthy and peaceful birthday!

Swapna, you've been my best friend,
the source of happiness of our family.
your smile and your voice could heal all worries,
I wish you happiness through out your life!

Lena, you've been so kind to me,
you've showered me with moments of joy.
you're a great mentor and a source of moral support
I wish all the dreams you cherish, come true!

Dad, Swapna and Lena, have a wonderful day.