Saturday, November 13, 2010

A tryst with the city of pearls

Six months after moving to Bangalore, today I am back at the city of pearls! So, how does it feel? Amazing! Hyderabad has something attached to it which makes it special. The wider roads, the garden of chillies, rocky hills, water bodies, hoardings in Urdu, every view from the bus as we entered the city, gifted me memories. 

The first time I visited this city in early 2006, I did not like it much. It was summer and people who have visited this place during summer would know the reason! It took more than a year for me to get accustomed to this place. Five years after my first visit, it was hard for me to relocate to another city. The language - Hyderabadi Hindi, the people, the kebabs, world famous hyderabadi biriyani, those gorgeous eyes hiding behind the hijabs, how could anyone not fall in love with this place?

I cant wait to savour each of my moment here. Lots of people to catch up with, some work and loads of food! How I missed the nawabi khana! I am here for two days. I ll head back to Bangalore on Sunday evening. So till we meet again, miss you Bangalore :)