Thursday, August 28, 2008

a word could kill your spirit!!

Have you ever felt embarrassed in real life? I am quite sure you have. At least once in front of your friends, your parents, siblings, teachers, even strangers! So how does it feel? As you grow older, it sure gives you a reason to look back and smile. Memories have its own way of making people laugh and cry!

Have you ever felt ashamed, insulted and embarrassed at the same moment. Ask me how it feels! Suddenly you forget to speak, your mind goes blank, you curse your very own existence! Of course yes, you are hurt! Hurt by your own friend. How long could you fake a smile? Its better to let go your emotions.. talk,cry,yell or write. I prefer to write! It surely helps you come over your frustration.

I am hurt! Hurt 'cos of my words. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine that my words would haunt me after months or may be an year, I am not sure. I respect politicians. Imagine how much care should they take while choosing their words. Their words could anytime fight them back! I am not a politician. I dint watch my mouth! So what? Here I am, scribbling scattered letters, finding my way out of this problem. Did I loose a friend? I sure lost her respect, the trust she had in me, maybe more! Maybe there is a way out. I am sure there would be. But who would find it out? A puzzled look, unanswered questions and a fake smile is all I have! How would I defend myself? Would I ever get her back?

People, watch your words.. you never know which one would take away a friend!!!