Monday, September 29, 2008

frozen drive..

when i switched on my system i thought of writing about the movie i saw today. but then, there is a more interesting topic to write.. my frozen drive :-) its not that i drove to himalayas !!

i went for an evening movie with a friend. had a night shift all week and hence hadn gota chance to drive at night for quite long.. by the way i love to drive my bike.. especially when the air is cool.. remember cool. not frozen!

so, we had dinner from a mallu joint [we love this place.. it serves delicious "appam".. and also "karimeen".. at times even "kappa" and "meen curry"..] okie enuf of the menu..

it was close to 10 at night and the wind was so damn cool.. ah.. i din take my jacket again! i forget it almost every time i go out.. so, with the cold wind piercing thru my body i drove at an unbelievable speed of 30kph! phew.. my bike wud have shouted at me if it had lips to speak.. ive never seen the needle so low!! the eight km strech in old bombay highway, were u cud easily race ur bike at speeds above 100, i was literally embarrassed.. did i notice a cycle overtaking me?? uh, that was exaggeration..

lesson learnt: never forget to take your jacket when u go out!


Vin said...

old mumbai rd? hyderabad ?
keep the jacket in ur bike box :)

Anil Sawan said...

yeah.. its a highway which connects hyd to mumbai..

i wish i cud do that :-)i simply dnt have a box which cud accommodate it!!