Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot News:

I have so much to wirte, but i dont have time!! :-( The hot news is that I am going to visit my parents! Its the festival of Onam.. And finally, I am going Hoooooooome :-)
I would start my journey today and would be back on 21st. That also means that I would not be regular over here cos I dont have a computer at home and trust me, I hate i-cafes.. I am gona miss this world and all my friends here, especially vins, athi and sen..
Happy Onam to you all..


Vin said...

Happy Onam to you... have fun but come back soon :)

Sen said...

Hey...Happy Onam ... enjoy yourself :)

Anil Sawan said...

thanks vins and sen.. good for me that i found a reliance web world here.. i would definitely keep in touch :-)