Tuesday, December 8, 2009

toad's world

in a marshy deserted land
in an old well, broken and dry.
there lived a toad, an ugly one
who croak n croak n croak!

he dances to the tunes of wind
and croak n croak n croak.
he thought he is the best of all
and croak n croak n croak

he smiles a lot, he worries not,
he thinks he is old and wise!
he talks a lot, a lot on life,
he thinks he knows it all!

One night he saw the moon and sang
croak n croak n croak
and as he sang, he saw her come
an angel dressed in white.

her smile so bright, he lost his sight
they glided through the clouds
he saw the flowers -red, pink and white
he saw the beauty unveil.

the songs were new, and splendid too
the angel sang it for him.
her hands were soft and made of love
with every touch he felt.

her eyes were deep, he couldnt read
and he thought he was old and wise!
she held his hand, his ugly hand
asked him to look into her eyes,

her deep blue eyes, in shades of love
he saw his ugly self!
a flash went by, he closed his eyes
too firgtened to face her eyes.

the wind was cold, the tune same old
he saw no angel near by!

in a marshy desserted land
in an old well, broken and dry.
there lived a toad, an ugly one
who knew how ugly he was,

he smiled again, at the beautiful moon
and croaked and croaked to death.


Shravan RN said...

and wow.. sawan ji :-) so well waht kept you away :)

Anonymous said...

This is the best poem you have written till date.

And making yourself feel bad, thinking that you are the wrong one will not ease things for you.

People are different. We all say that, right? now you ACCEPT that.

More on it,when we chat.

Is this public? Make it. This is an awesome creation.

Freya said...

your best ever. Honestly! And where were you gone for such a long time?

p.s.: nice layout, i love minimalism.

Sur said...

Sometimes we keep looking at the closed doors for so long that we dont realise when a new door opens!! Life is full of hope!

Nice poetry Sawan :)

RiĆ  said...

a sad undercurrent ran thru the poem....made me feel so sad. :( Hope the toad gets his angel.

Gauri Mathur said...

what happened??
Where r u these days??

Anonymous said...

oh god. I will discuss this when we talk. Ugly toad, my foot.


Anwesa said...

Someday the toad will turn into a prince...and life will be beautiful afterwards.

Rajlakshmi said...

ouch!!! that really hurt... it was so beautifully penned... i read it again and again... the feeling it gave is unxplainable... its just beautifull...

bondgal_rulz said...

I thought it'll be a cute poem when I started reading it. But by the time it ended, I was left with a sad and morose kinda feeling. :(

AMAZING poem, without doubt. Loved reading it. :)


P.S. Hope you are coping well.

swati said...

I hope the same as Ria..
God bless!!

Lena said...

I agree with Meera, it is your best poem so far. Good work :)

Nice new blog look too :)

Dhanya said...

Wow! Speechless!

Margaret said...

A deep poem, full of love & agony. Really one of your best!

I love your new template. It doesn't distract the reader. Leaves us to concentrate fully on your new post.

Nice work! :)

Anil Sawan said...

shravan, thnx bro :) i went offline for so long and i am happy tht ppl stil read this space :) for tht, thnx again bro :)
work, studies and life demanded my absence for some time, i am back - hopefully!

Anil Sawan said...

thnx meera.

Anil Sawan said...

freya, thnx grl. wud u blv it if i say tht i mised ur blog wen i was away. and urs was the frst one i checkd in reader wen i came back :)

Anil Sawan said...

Sur, so well said. thnx dear :)

Anil Sawan said...

Ria, awe, i never intended to make u sad! cheer up :)

Anil Sawan said...

Gauri, thnx sweetu. mein yehi pe tha. par online kam aatha tha. cos of work :) hwz ya?

Anil Sawan said...

ki, :)

Anil Sawan said...

Anwesa, life is full of hope huh? again, beauty lies in the eys of the beholder :)

Anil Sawan said...

Rajlakshmi, thnx dear :)

Anil Sawan said...

Isha, thnx sweets :)

Anil Sawan said...

Swati, m sure the toad looks like a prince at least for some :)

Anil Sawan said...

Lena, thnx dear. ur appreciation means a lot :)

Anil Sawan said...

dhanya, speak pls :)

Anil Sawan said...

Margaret, thnx dear :) finally i know how gud it is to go with minimal template :)