Saturday, October 11, 2008

did ya like the new template?

i was never good on HTML or any web designing languages or scripts. But I always wanted to have my own template :-) So, today I gave my blog its own skin.. unique! it took almost 12 hours of trial and error method to design this... thanks for my patience :-) hope it looks gud.. or was the older one better? 


Preeti said...

I like this one. matches with your title ripples :) cheers :)

Anil Sawan said...

thnx preeti.. hope all the work din go in vain :-)

Vin said...

hey.. this one's line with ur concept...also i love this shade of blue... feels cool n chilling types :) the coconut tree or palm tree reflects ur need to connect to ur roots??

n i know ur wondering what have i done to my blog design!! whatever, i like it n i plan to keep it till i am not bored of it.. i too did it after much trial n error process lasting nearly a whole day with breaks included !!

Solitaire said...

I dont know what the old one looked like but this one matches ur blog name.

Devakishor Soraisam said...

Hey this template is good man.. even i have always wanted to design my own template.. maybe this will motivate me to finally do it..

Anil Sawan said...

@vins: thnx dear.. wo man.. maybe i cud design things and take ur help to market it :-) din hav any interpretations in mind.. but it sure makes me feel that i exost in a world so very beautiful!

bout ur blog - try creating a dummy blog, hide it if u want.. copy paste the template , compare it with what u have now and do the trial and error.. that would help.. thats how i did mine! i guez the feed part is missing.. ur blog refuses to get updated in my outlook as well! its all bout feeds.. try search for that keyword in a default template..

Anil Sawan said...

@solitaire: thnx! i always wanted a shade of blue! good to see you here.. keep visiting :-)

Anil Sawan said...

@deva: thnx sir.. speak of motivations, u wud be the first one to get motivated by me!! good luck :-)

Vin said...

saawan, something got changed one day all of a sudden n i no more get the layout settings like before... so i cant put feeds, widgets or anything at all... wish i could just transfer all my posts as is into another blogsite!

Anil Sawan said...

i seriously think "picking" a new template from the "edit template" session might help.. atleast to get back all those features.. then maybe u could change the background.

but before u try it on ur live blog, create a dummy blog, post few test msgs and change the template.. if ur test msgs survive, u r good to go!

Vin said...

yeah sawan, thats all been done..checked out developer link too..also found the same issue in other blogs too.. its a google issue.. i had the layout option first but not now...
hence, only changes i can do now r on HTML, thats y i took a simple template n added some color by way of background image n the different colors for the fonts.
by the way, the background color petals reflect my central theme ie. 'thoughts'
the other option i found was transfering all the posts with comments to wordpress blog..
here in blogger, i am searching for a way wherein i can make a new blog and transfer all my posts with the respective comments as is... blogger doesnt have any such facility... lemme experiment some more :)
sorry for this long comment!

Anil Sawan said...

maybe uve tried this out.. if u havnt, try this:
Dashboard>Settings>Site Feed>Allow Blog Feeds (Full).

Anil Sawan said...

vins: to copy posts and comments to another blog =>

1.] open

2.] Goto Layout => Settings.

3.] Under "Blog Tools" you have "Import" and "Export".

4.] Export from your existing blog. It saves a file in xml format.

5.] Create a new blog and import the file. Check if it works.

6.] Delete the existing blog if the new one works fine. Rename the new blog with the old name as soon as u delete it. <-risk of loosing the name involved. but u have to take this risk->

7.] lemme know if it helped!


lukkydivz said...

i don't remember the previous one, but am sure this one looks better!

somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue- i so love it ;)

Anil Sawan said...

thnx divs.. tht was sweet of u..

Vin said...

hey, i did the allow blog feeds, it was 'none' previously :) thanks for that :)

but i wont be able to transfer to another blogger site, since the 'layouts' tab is missing for me.... something happened one day n instead of layouts tab, i have the 'template' tab n it tells me that i have to upgrade my template... but the button to upgrade is missing.... the same issue has been reported in blogger issues...but they havent found solution :(
feeling bad that i cant add any functionality or excitement at all...i will try reporting my problem, lets c
sorry about that blog feed thing again... thanks so much!!

Anil Sawan said...

happy that u got ur feeds back in ur page :-)

u mean to say the layout tab is missing in the "" home page and not in the usual blogger home page? then its sad..
why dont u copy and sent me the entire template <-the html than u have-> and the name of the template which u edited to get this html. maybe - only maybe - i could be of help..

vinny said...

hey sawan...thanks so much!! but that is a whole lot of work...

i experimented with ur idea..
i did a partial import and so 'got' the layout tab !!
but my new link would be
the old address cannot be used it seems :)just that the hyphen has moved a little bit:)
anyways, its a fresh start.. pls start following this new link !

Anil Sawan said...

vins.. u r a lazy girl :-)

saw the new page.. wers the background..

following ur new pae ma'am .. keep posting..