Sunday, October 5, 2008

hail V-GUARD

My UPS was acting weird for a long time now.. It simply was reluctant to get charged up. The moment power goes off my system get switched off! I was rich enough to use a UPS as an extension box! Some one told me that the battery might have got screwed! Now they make sense 'cos i am using this UPS for the past 5 years :-)  So were do I get the battery replaced..?? I started searching web for a service centre of V-GUARD in Hyderabad. As my instincts told me, I din get any hits.. So checked out the V-GUARD website for a phone number. Called the Andhra Pradesh Service heldesk number and got the contact details for their Hyderabad desk. 

Yesterday I took my UPS and drove all the way to their service station.. The traffic was horrible. Going out on a Saturday is a torture these days! The shop closes at 5.30 and wola, i reached there at 5! thanks for the traffic, it was a 2 hours drive..

More bad news awaited me at the service station. The guy says they dont have a stock of batteries and it might take 15 days for them to order one. I dont know how my face reacted cos he then said there is an exide showroom nearby and he would fix it if i buy him the required battery. Hurrey.. Good news afterall.. I rushed to the Exide showroom and got the battery.

He fixed my UPS in 15 minutes and good news is that he din charge me. Of course my UPS din carry any 5 years guarantee tag with it, but still the guy was pleasing enough when he said " its free service sir".. man hail V-Guard..


Sen said...

It is usually the small things that give the most happiness... also such pure happiness is quite is not only the receiver who feel it but the giver also feels the warmth :)...I am sure the V-Guard man was also left smiling and feeling like he has done his good deed of the day :)

Anil Sawan said...

agreed :-)

Vin said...

one good deed begets another.. keep passing it on..

Anil Sawan said...

Seno, true! :)